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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baltimore Club Choices

If you love Baltimore Club Music, then you've been to Club Choices. Everyone has been there at least once if you are true club junky whether you like the club or not. (Smile) They play old school(Paradox, Club Fantasy, Miss Tony days) and new school club. I prefer the older club music but not too old like Come Quick See. I finally found this after searching for ever online. I also like some new club music like I Can Feel It In The Air with K-Swift RIP and the club mix by DJ McCoy.

Now for all you that don't know Baltimore Club, basically DJ's make club mixes out of anything and remix the music and play the same beat over and over but it's catchy. They even made a Baltimore club mix out of Dora. I personally don't like it but my kids do and it has over 2 million views on YouTube so even if it isn't liked, people listen to it.

So if you want to go to Club Choices and experience Baltimore Club, check them out for yourself.

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