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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Baltimore Club Kswift JumpOff Vol1 CD

Ok I just found on Unruly Online Kswift JumpOff Vol1 CD. I am going to order it today. I really miss the 9:00 club mix on Thursday night with Kswift on 92Q. They are still rocking on Thursday's but it isn't the same since Kswift pass. I can't wait until my Baltimore Club Cd arrives. I think I am going to buy all of them.


V-Way said...

Ayo you are so right!! Ever since the passing of K-Swift club music aint like what it used be. I mean I still fuck with it!

Ginene said...

Right I agree 100%. Club music used to make me stop in my tracks and go crazy, now it's once in a while but not like old school.