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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Baltimore Club Old School Are You Da Bomb?

Look what I found on youtube. Wow this is old.


Anonymous said...

can you help me? I am looking for two old favs.. 1st one goes like this ( i think) : I saw this witch doctor n this is what he said, he gave me a piece of weed and he bust me on the head... wouldn't u like to buy weeeed, wouldnt ya like to buy weeeeed

and this is the 2nd one: aye mi mi mi nay, aye mi mi nay, en puerto rico la mamas cafe, aye mi mi nay..

Please help :(

~ Nina Beena

Ginene said...

The first one I do have, that used to be my jam. I am going to ask my husband how to download it. I have so many songs but I never downloaded anything just get off the internet.

Do the second one also says yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah? I am not sure about that one.

Anonymous said...

Nina, the second one is a part of "Are you da bomb"--it's actually in the YouTube video posted!

Anonymous said...

I have been looking for the witch doctor song too. I am looking for the one that was played prior to 2000. It was on all the time (92Q, 93.9, 95.5).

Anonymous said...

It’s now on iTunes. Look up “Hammerjacks Classics Diamond K”. The witch doctor is number 16. I searched for that song for years myself. What a unique mix.

23 said...

Hammerjacks classics diamond k on iTunes Store

Ginene said...

Thanks 23 for answering the question.