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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Listen to Baltimore Club On Imeem

This playlist has almost everything! I found this Baltimore Club Music list on Imeem and it is definitely worth listening to. Just hit the play button. I love #6. Enjoy! Baltimore Club CD's.

baltimore club music

This list has

Hey down da hill remix with Let's Get High
Don't Make Me Kill Nobody in Here
If you came to get your life tear the f*ckin club up
Go head girl put your leg up
SpongeBob remix
Who cause the English teach them daddy O, Charlie Brown
Feel That Beat and We can ride the boogy, Michael Jackson remix
My crew my dawg
Stomp Your Feet
What what what what, fight a fight a fight a fight a

And a whole lot more. I am still looking for Rihanna Please Don't Stop the Music Baltimore Remix by K.W. Griff. I can't find that anywhere. If you know where it is, let me know!


RCE said...

Hi I found a link to that Rihanna song. Is this what you were looking for?

I ripped it, so if you need it as an mp3 I can upload it for ya! Also, great site! I just found it while I was looking for some B-More Club Music. Keep it up!

Ginene said...

Thank-you, Thank-you. Do you have a blog or web page or something? I want to give you a shot out for finding it. I have been looking for this for like 8 million years lol.

Ginene said...

Also I do want to download it. I want it for my car. Can you tell me how to upload MP3's on this blog? If you know it would really help.

RCE said...

Hey, no problem glad I can help out. I actually dont have a blog or webpage, but I do appreciate the shout out. I know how to upload mp3 songs...but I'm not sure if I know how to upload them to blogs? Wouldnt you just upload the song, and then post the link to download on your blog? Or were you meaning something else? Anywho, I uploaded the track as an mp3 so you can download it, you can download it here:

At around 3:18 - 3:19 you'll hear a slight "clip" noise. It was part of the original song when I ripped it. Thats the only imperfection..but other than that, it sounds great! I love the remix. My email is .. incase you had anymore questions to ask me or whatever.

RCE said...

Oops, it looks it cut off half of the download link in my post. Hopefully it will show up this time.

RCE said...

ahhh, its still not showing the full link.

Maybe it'll show up now. Sorry for clogging up your comments section. If you still cant get to see the full download link, then email me and I'll gladly give ya the download link.

Ginene said...

I love comments. It brings more traffic. LOL. You should get a blog at It's free. I'll email you. Thanks for your help.

trinidadianqueen said...

aww shit my playlist is on here i feel so loved

Ginene said...

Thanks Trinidadianqueen. I was so glad that you had it on there. I love this song!

Shannell said...

The links are broken to imeem. I heard Myspace took over so now no one knows when it will be up and running again.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Ginene said...

Thanks Chopra