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Monday, January 9, 2017


This is giving me Life!!!! Love it! OMG All of my favorite songs in here!!!!!!!!

Here are some of the songs mixed on this track.

5:58 Single Ladies Where Ya At
6:26 Shawty You Phat
7:09 Throw That Pu**y up on his @$$
8:23 Baby now your bestfriend is my girlfriend.
10:23 Mind your business
11:55 Pick em up, pick em up
12:41 Hey You Knuckleheads
13:47 Freaky Deaky see ya can't see me
14:58 Can we get kinky tonight?
15:12 Zulu
16:02 Bombin Cock
20:49 Blow Your Whistle
22:32 Watch out For The Big Girl
25:27 Carla's a Man, Combasabee?(Never knew what he was saying. LOL)
29:33 I puff alot of weed.
30:05 We true soldiers, we don't die, na na na na
32:17 Ey, Yeah, ee
32:53 Understand, Ladies where y'all at, can I hit it from the back
36:01 If you believe in having sex say h3!! yeah!
37:04 Fight a n!gga or too
37:49 Charlie Brown
43:34 Ding a Ling Ling
45:03 Not the boss of me
48:43 Let's get high
49:11 One quick seed, Run Quick See, Come With Me(Tupac Mix, I know I messed up some words there. LOL)
54.24 I got a Belvedere Chick, A Hinda Chick, A Alize Chick and a Remi Martin Chick, a Tangoray Chick,
she down for whatever but my Absolute Chick need to get it together, My Crystal Chick
is with my E and J chick, and the both of them together, I'll be making music
Apple Martini Chick, Jackie on the side, forget about them chicks,
that like the mudslide

1:09:40 Feel That Beat and we can ride the Boogie

Let me know about my mistakes, I don't know exact words and I don't drink so I might have messed up the lyrics to the Cystal Chick song. LOL

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